February 2021

Recording of the location with "Multibeam system"

October 2020

Straton 2020 research campaign

September 2020

Donor diving for STRATON 2020 research campaign was held

March 2020

"Weekend for marine archeology, biology and ecology" - ecological action of cleaning sites from waste generated by trawling is canceled

November 2020

Reimbursement of the amount of HRK 250,000.00 to the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia due to the impossibility of implementing the public procurement procedure of the 'smart buoy' system for site protection.

May, 2019

Made original souvenir - Amfora Laboglia 2 from Flyers

May, 2019

By decision of the Ministry of Culture, the site of Letavica enters the system of permits for diving in the Cultural Property

May, 2019

At a formal session, the City of Pag awarded a thank you note to Vedran Dorušić for finding the location

April, 2019

The Ministry of Culture has approved HRK 250,000.00 for the research and protection of the site

April, 2019

Received HRK 20,000.00 from the Ministry of Tourism for promotion

March, 2019

Testing a new type of site protection

February, 2019

Presentation of the Letavica site in the Rector's Palace Lecturers: Prof. Irena Radic Rossi, Igor Savic and Vedran Dorušić

February, 2019

Web-page www.discover-pag.com is created

November, 2018

3D model of the site displaying the current state is constructed

October, 2018

First research and documentation are carried out

September, 2018

All the necessary steps to ensure the legal protection of the site are taken

August, 2018

Meeting at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

August, 2018

The authorities are notified about the discovery

August, 2018

The shipwreck is checked by the experts

August, 2018

The City of Pag, accepts the patronage of the project

July, 2018

Recording and measuring of the site in order to apply for a project and create the 3D model

July, 2018

Discovery of the site Letavica, the Island of Pag